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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Weekend...

Usually, weekends are spent at home, lazing around, reading, being a couch potato the whole of Fridays and Saturdays.

Friday mornings are usually spent either having breakfast at home or out. We love lazing at home in the mornings, having our ready-made dim sum which can be purchased at Carrefour here. While eating, we'll be watching Seinfeld or any other movies we have on hand. After feeding ourselves, DH will be working at his table, and me, oh well, cleaning the entire house. Hehe... I find washing toilets (or rather, my own toilets) therapeutic for me. All anger, thoughts and inspiration of mine comes from washing toilets. Sounds weird? Well, I guess everyone has their own way of finding inspiration. :)

Saturdays evenings are always dining at home 'cuz we need to "da bao" to work the next day for lunch. Curry Chicken was what I made yesterday. I've not eaten this for a long long time. Almost forgot how it tastes like. Yum yum!

Followed by an expensive fruit for dessert. I've NEVER bought this fruit here before as I found them super expensive here. But now, hehe, since I am working, I guess I just don't mind spending alittle more on food. :)

The expensive but yet beautiful fruit- Dragon Fruit