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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Flowery Chrysthemum Tea

It has been horribly warm in Dubai, temperature's about 45degrees today. I went out in the late morning to run some errands and felt my skin was burning once I step out into the scorching heat. Quickly, I dash across the road, ran into the supermarket & phew!, was it cooling!

After that, I went straight home, even the house was filled with super warm air. Immediately, I made my aircon worked for more than half a day. Boy! Even the water from the tap is like 100 deg, now both my hands are dry, always "craving" for moisturiser. :P It's awfully warm down here in this desert area! As compared to last year, this is terribly hot & humid! Gosh! I'm glad that someone invented something called air con, if not, I wouldn't be able to survive here.

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My facial lady make this cooling drink all the time. She says it's good for complextion too. Wow! So I decided to make this to cool our bodies down, incase we "kana" heat stroke. Hehe... Care for this, anyone? =P

Chrysthemum Flowers with Wolfberries Tea