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Saturday, August 26, 2006

A Gift From A Friend

Karen, my Singaporean friend in Dubai went to Canada for business trip last week. Today, she came by and gave me these. I felt touched & happy indeed. Boy, heard from here that their Chinatown is so much better than ours here!

We spent alittle time chatting, it was also kind of her to teach me how to use oven for bakings & grilling. Me, being a mountain turtle, has never used an oven b4. hehe.. glad that I had 'live' demo today. Now I know what is suppose to be in & out of the oven when it's working for me. And I'll be going down to Carrefour when hubby comes back to hunt for cheap and good bakewares. :)

Gaby was happy too, to see her here, cuz for the past few days, was just me and him, guess he's a little bored by Mama already. So he kept running around, following us wherever we go, and being a Kpo everywhere, seeking attention. Hehe.. Quite funny actually, to see him suddenly so active. :)

After she left, I felt abit lonely, suddenly the house seems so quiet and I'm alone again. Then Gaby went back to his favourite area to 'hybernate'. Sigh, 4 more days & counting down...

Thanks Karen, for buying these for me. U're appreciated! :)

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