Gräciõ's LäveñderBliss Café: Azuki Beans Sweet Soup (紅豆湯)

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Azuki Beans Sweet Soup (紅豆湯)

We call this 'Red Beans' (紅豆) in Singapore. Over in Dubai, it's better known as 'Azuki Beans'.

Have been wanting to eat this, or rather cook this long time ago, but kept slipping away from my 'To Do List' & mind somehow. Made this finally to nourish our bodies since we've not eaten this for a long time.

I love the stall at "16 floor" a.k.a Commonwealth Market. The aunty has been selling her famous 'Tong Shuis' for more than a decade. After our dear government revamped the old into a new market, I thought the stall is no longer functioning as most hawkers does that due to rent increase. But when I went back in Feb this year, I was glad to know that the aunty still continues with her small business. How happy I was! Even hubby was happy. Boy! I miss her cheap & good tong shui. Wanna go back again when I'm back. Thank God, my mama's home is just a stone throw away from my favourite dessert stall. :)

Azuki Beans Sweet Soup (紅豆湯)