Gräciõ's LäveñderBliss Café: Chocolate Chocolate I love U

Monday, September 25, 2006

Chocolate Chocolate I love U

"Hintz Cocoa Powder, BEST for drinking & baking
". That's what it says on the tin itself. When I saw this word "Baking" I couldn't resist & it was off the shelf immediately.

Friends who really knows me knows that I love chocolates. It's a definite luxury to sit at a cosy corner at a café, just eating chocolate muffins and having a cup of hot chocolate while reading a book is something that one can ever ask for. Don't U guys agree? :)

My hands got itchy, my brain was telling me to try out the cocoa powder, I was too tempted & I got down to bake. Haha!

Darn! I better not be so chocolatey greedy these days as ulcers are popping up in my mouth again. Guess after that whole batch of
Crunchy Crackers I made last week makes heatiness come back again. Got to make some cooling drinks again, so gotta give my hot chocolate drink a miss.

Overall, I'm glad I made these Chocolate Muffins. Next time I shall add chocolate chips with 'hundreds & thousands' as decorations. I love 100s & 1000s, beautiful and bright colours makes my day.

This time, I used Lindt Dark Chocolate Excellence (with 85% Cocoa) as toppings & broke them into small pieces, didn't dare to put much as I wasn't sure whether it would turn out melted. Thank God it didn't, most importantly my muffins didn't flopped. The taste of the bitter chocolate topping blend in totally with the sweet muffin. They rose beautifully with the chocolate still sitting steadily at the top. I'm fulfilled. :)