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Friday, July 14, 2006

Still In Holiday Mood

4 hours of boiling my refreshing Ash Gourd Soup, lazing around at home after a hearty breakfast (we skipped lunch), I was too lazy to cook a complicated dinner, so I decided to make a fuss-free one instead.

I think my brain knows that I'm back in Dubai but my body seems 2b still in SG. I guess after all, it was a 3 weeks long holiday in both SG & Jakarta. Still trying to get use to the timing, weather (dubai's now abt 48 deg in the day) & hopefully my body would get back on track! =)

These few days especially, Im always wanting to cook something simple. Steaming & boiling have now topped my list. Frying & learning to bake gotta wait awhile.

Today, we had dinner @ 9pm. Our stomach were growling loudly, and I regretted not making dinner earlier. :P Steaming this chicken was quite a last minute decision. Instead of using wincarnis, I used chinese cooking wine to make this dish, adding a dash of sesame oil. Thanks to Jo who gave this simple recipe to me. (Pardon the look of the pic s I was too lazy to garnish it properly)

Ash gourd brewed with pork ribs, wolfberries & red dates.

Chicken Pot (with black fungus & preserved mushrooms)

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