Gräciõ's LäveñderBliss Café: 鍋貼 a.k.a Gyoza/Potstickers

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

鍋貼 a.k.a Gyoza/Potstickers

The Japanese word 'Gyōza' was derived from the reading of 餃子 (jiao zi) or 鍋貼 (guo tie) in mandarin. Gyōza originated in China, and it is said to have been introduced to Japan in late 17th century. There are many ways of preparing gyōza, deep fried, boiled, steamed or pan fried. The most popular preparation method is called yaki-gyōza where the dumpling is first fried on the lower flat side creating a delicious, crispy skin.

I made these today for dinner served as sides. Hubby loves this so much that everytime we visit a Japanese restaurant, we would order this. I love to dip this in black vinegar with ginger slices, it gives a sourish kick to the dish when tasted. What a great combination!

Here's mine 4 tonight... I shall add more seasonings for the meat filling in future. Me, a chives lover, mixed tons of it into the meat too.