Gräciõ's LäveñderBliss Café: Lousy Rendang Paste with Yummy Lettuce

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Lousy Rendang Paste with Yummy Lettuce

Bought this packet of ready mixed rendang sauce afew weeks back. I tried it out today for lunch. It was weird, the recipe calls for 200ml of water, and I only added 50ml, turned out doesn't taste like rendang, but yet smells like it. Made this with my precious chicken, and I regretted buying this paste. Tried to look for the famous malaysian brand, "Brahim's" but they only have 3 other pastes except rendang. :(

I was disappointed. The rendang I made turned out too watery, thank God I didn't add in 200ml of water, else it would turned into soup. Phew! Never will I buy this brand of paste again.

Watery Chicken Rendang

Thank God my Lettuce with Prawns turned out well, else we would just have to eat coconut rice alone.

I never liked lettuce until I ate this at a chinese restaurant here, they steamed the vegetable, and saute the garlic with oyster sauce & pour it over the vege. Yum!

Seems like my stay in Dubai, makes me loves foods which I never liked when I was in Sg. :)