Gräciõ's LäveñderBliss Café: Oreo Butter Muffins

Monday, October 02, 2006

Oreo Butter Muffins

Oreos. Who doesn't love them? Usually, when I don't have cravings for these, the advertisement for this product on TV will always happen to appear at that particular time. The person who created the idea of having oreos dipped in milk then eaten is really a genius. I have been eating them this way eversince. How about U? :)

Have always wanted to bake Oreo Butter Muffins when she emailed that recipe to me. It's really delicious! This lady never fails to amaze me with her bread makings & cake bakings, am super duper glad that she's so called my half neighbour whenever I'm back in SG visiting. Thanks Angie, for taking time to type out the detailed recipe. Appreciate u very much! *wink*

Due to my greedy-ness, I added too much oreos, thus causing the muffins looks darker inside. Glad that I didn't over-bake this time round. Outside is just nice and inside is soft & moist. :) Gonna try this again but it's gonna be baked in a cake tin instead.

It's really good, try it, here's the link.

PS: Hubby says my muffins are wearing a huge "cap" over their "heads"! Haha... :P
PPS: Couldn't get mini Oreos here, that's why those big ones... ;)