Gräciõ's LäveñderBliss Café: Honeydew + Ice-Cream

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Honeydew + Ice-Cream

Summer days will not be over until Sept. Sob Sob... And it's like 48 degrees in the day. Think this is part of the reason why these days I'm always looking out for cooling desserts to make. Having terrible sweet tooth craving these days.

Decided to make Honeydew Sago in Vanilla Ice-cream yesterday. I didn't puree the honeydew as the recipe calls it 'cuz I didn't have a blender or a buzzer. hehe.. But glad it still turn out well. I too, added nata de coco & sago too. Wanted to add mint leaves but realised that I 4got to buy. :(

Honeydew In Vanilla Ice-Cream

Since I still have some (about 3tbsp left) chocolate ice-cream left, am adventurous to try out how honeydew goes with chocolate. A pity that I prefer vanilla tho', perhaps next time I would add more choco flavour in it, probably will taste better, creamy-ier & thicker. But yet, I'm contented with both desserts. A creative way to eat ice-cream, maybe next time I'll try adding rock melon instead, they are our favourites! (once I start on a tub of ice-cream, u'll never c me stop until someone tells me to...) :P

Honeydew In Chocolate Ice-Cream