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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sick & Tired

Sigh, I'm sick & tired being sick. :(

Yesterday night, my left side of cheek started to swell alittle. The inner part of my mouth hurts, and this morning my beautiful mouth couldn't open. My whole body started to ache badly & body heat started to rise high. *sob sob*

After rinsing my mouth with salt water to get rid of the poison as recommended by my mama & Jo, my fever however subsided, pain in the mouth was slightly better yet the body aching remains. Now, I couldn't even talk properly, let alone eating. I knew I needed soft diets from this day onwards.

Our friends, Celest & Charles, were so nice to offer to bring me porridge & to the doctor, but I rejected their kind offer as my mouth was hurting, swallowing food & saliva makes it so much painful that one could not expect in just one afternoon. I lose my appetite, resulting me not eating the whole day until dinner time.

Thank u both, I appreciate both your thoughts!

Made Minced Pork Porridge with Oyster Sauce for dinner. Hubby had more than a big bowl while me only had one small bowl despite I was hungry as my stupid mouth was causing me so much pain. Today, I swallowed the porridge without chewing, am now hoping that the meat in my stomach will digest. :(

I wanna get well by this friday, cuz hubby promised to bring me to eat morning breakfast with you tiao!! WOW! The thought of it brings a smile to my face. And we'll be meeting both Celest & Charles for breakfast too! How fun! I enjoy going out with them! :)

Let's hope me will be well soon ya? :)