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Friday, August 18, 2006

Authentic Thai Food by "Ban Khun Mae"

We went to Mall of Emirates today to have our lunch & groceries shopping.

As the title goes, we had thai food today at the food court. "Ban Khun Mae" is the name of the stall, in english it means, "My Mother's House".

Abit costly tho', for a plate of my kway tiao costs about Sg$12.50 for a plate, hubby's curry costs the same as mine. The worse was, we ordered Poh Pia Phak, 4pcs of spring rolls cost us about SG$6. Didn't take pictures of the spring rolls as they looked pathetic. *sob sob*

Phad See-Eiw tastes abit like our char kway tiao in Sg. Stir fried large rice noodles with Thai broccoli, carrot, beef and egg.

While the Panaeng Curry Dish served with Jasmine Rice is a famous thai curry with panaeng curry paste in coconut milk with chicken.

Hubby was saying I could cook better than them. Haha! Was I feeling happy in my heart! :)

A little costly isn't it? :P

Phad See-Eiw

Panaeng Curry served with Steamed Jasmine Rice