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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Looks Good, Taste GREAT!

Aunty, "Mee Pok Da Gei Hiam Jio Ji Puah!" (in Hokkien) In english, it means, "Aunty, 1 plate of dry fishball noodles with extra chilli, pls!"

Waa, this is what I miss about Singapore(SG) life at any coffee shop ordering food. And today, I have it here, not my favourite but at least a taste of SG fishball noodles in Dubai.

Does the mee pok pic above looks like homemade? It's kinda yummy, filled with bean sprouts, fishcakes, fishballs, mee pok & most importantly, chilli paste & abit of black vinegar. Mmm.... guess I can do this very often whenever Im lazy. Looks really finger-licking good heh?! :P

Haha! Caught u! It's not homemade! It's another product by DoDo Singapore!!

I'm filled with amazement after the 2 previous DoDo instant treats that I tried failed on me. Today, I decided to give another shot, hoping it will pass. And indeed, it passed exceedingly, abundantly with great & yummy results! Now I'm thinking, when will DoDo's Mee Siam instant treats be coming over? Don't know why, but these days, meesiam has always been on my mind...