Gräciõ's LäveñderBliss Café: King Fish Steaks Pan Fry

Thursday, June 15, 2006

King Fish Steaks Pan Fry

This is a recipe given roughly by my friend. Tastes really good. I dislike deep frying stuffs as Im afraid of oil splattering on me. So I decided to pan fry it & add some lime juice to give a kick of sourish taste.

Pauline aka Mrs Cang from KC, advises that pan frying takes time, patience & low fire. I took the advice and learn experience on these fish steaks. Indeed, it worked out really well. Last time I used to over burn the fish as I put the fire to high heat as I was quite impatient.

Gina also told me to brush a layer of olive oil on both sides of the fish then coat with cornstarch & the spices to avoid oil splattering.

Jo's advice was to fry ginger slices in the pan 1st then fry the fish, same reason, to avoid oil splattering.

Im happy that I got so many advices. Unfortunately, I cooked this b4 Jo & Gina's advice came, but am still glad that my fishes turned out well. Next time, I will try both their method.

As years goes by, Im glad Im learning more & more things, to become a better me in terms of cooking skills. =)

Actually, I didn't measure the amount for the powders. Here's an estimation. So just use according to how big your fish steak is & coat it well thoroughly.

4 pieces king fish steak
4tbsp turmeric powder
3tbsp coriander powder
3tbsp chilli powder
1/2 a lime for juice
1tsp salt
1 fresh red chilli (sliced)
4tbsp olive oil for pan frying

1. Mix all the powders and salt in a bowl.
2. Wash fish steaks and wipe them dry.
3. Coat the fish with the previously mixed powders thoroughly. (from step 1)
4. Heat oil in wok, wait till its heated up thorougly, then add in coated fishes. Turn fire down to medium, let it sit for 5-6 mins on one side (or until its cooked), then flip over to the other side. Make sure fish is thoroughly cooked.
5. Dish out, serve hot. Garnish with red chilli & sprinkle lime juice b4 serving.

* I usually buy 1 piece fish steak, then slice them into 4 small pieces.
** Chilli powder is according to your taste.