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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Simple Dinner

I realised most of my meals are never lack of chicken meat. Probably because I don't have a habit of cooking beef & I hate mutton. Beef is definitely out of the list b4 I got married when staying at my mom's place as both my parents are buddhists. That's probably why I'm not interested in cooking beef at home. But thank God, hubby's not grumbling. We only started eating fish when I found out that the fishes sold opposite my place are quite fresh & @ reasonable price.

Had slight fever yesterday & I told hubby that we'll be having simple dinner, when he came home, he was shocked to find out that it was quite a spread. To him, "simple" means fried rice with egg or luncheon meat. Im happy that he enjoyed this dinner. Hehe... Actually was happy that even tho I was sick, I still whipped up this meal & Im impressed with myself, normally I won't cook when sickness hit me. *Wink*

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