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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Venturing Out In2 The Working World...

I'll need to get used to cooking simpler food in time to come. Good news & bad news I've for you.
Okay, let's talk about bad news 1st. I wouldn't be cooking & baking that often from this sunny onwards . Thus, my weeknights meals will be much more simpler, creative cookings by me will have to wait till weekends, and so will my bakings.

The good news: I've been hired by a japanese company as a PA to the GM. I shan't eleborate further here. This is something that I myself am amazed. Quitted my job to come here 2yrs earlier, and here I am, after these few yrs, I'm going back to working life again. Partly excited, but yet, need to adjust myself once again to working life. It's really a good exposure & experience for me, I must say.

Thanks Hubby, Evie, Fen, Joey, Cherie & all who encouraged to take up this challenge once again, another step into my life in Dubai. W/o all of ur support & encouraging words, I don't think I would dare to venture out this time & I might have missed this good opportunity.

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Right, as I said, simpler meals to come soon. I love to frequent food blogs, one of them is Ching's. Today, I visited her blog again & found this. Really hassel-less & simple. She calls it lazy, but I call it super simple. :P

Thanks Ching for all ur simple recipes! I love them to bits! :)

Chicken Rice. Not a fan of it, but sometimes will miss eating this. And look at this! It's really good! Not kidding! The rice is so fragrant that I had a huge bowl of it & the fragrance of the rice fills my place even until now as I typed. Accompanying it was a Stir Fry Oyster Sauce Xiao Bai Cai. As for the chilli dip, I used the one Evie gave to me. That's the closest chicken rice chilli that I feel will go with this dish. Everything is so delish that hubby gave 10 thumbs up! ;)

Now I know preparing chicken rice is actually not that difficult. Meals need not be complicated to taste good. Simple meals can be yummylicious too, depending on how u create it.