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Monday, May 29, 2006

Aappa Kadai Butter Naan & Hot & Sour Soup

Aappa Kadai (AK) is an indian restaurant that we usually dine at. But we prefer to call for home delivery. AK is located at Al Karama, the busiest indian place in Dubai. Traffic is always bad there, so that is the reason y we prefer to call them to deliver food to us. AK is cheap and good. Amazingly, they sell quite good chinese food. Needless to say, their indian food is yummy.

We called for home delivery on sat night. I only took pics of the naan and soup. I love their butter naan, this goes very well with their pepper chicken curry. Sorry, probably next time will show you the curry pic. Was starving that day & we walloped up everything. Hehe...

Butter Naan
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Hot & Sour Soup