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Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Taste Of Lebanese Cuisine

Our lunch appointment on Tuesday was with a lovely, pretty lebanese lady, Carmen whom we love hanging out with. I'm not a mutton fan, hence middle eastern food are always last choice for me as they are usually served with lots of mutton/lamb as u called it.

Strangely on that day, I was in the mood for mid-east food tho'. Probably it's becuz of Carmen, whom I trust much much. hehe.. We ate at Al Hallab Restaurant. Yummy I must say! I have NEVER enjoyed mid east food until this luncheon. Maybe it's also becuz of the company I have. And we ordered quite a lot of dishes, one of them was mutton kebab which they called in Lebanese "Mashawi". I must say that I would only eat mutton kebab in this restaurant as it really does not have any strong smell of lamb. I always get turned off just by the taste n smell of it, but this restaurant make the kebab tastes so good that the strong smell disappeared! Yumyum!

Here's what we had that day, pardon the bad resolution photos as they were taken with my hubby's PDA.

Traditional Salad Platter (Guess how u gonna eat this?)

A Small Bowl of Olives

Looks like our singapore popiah hor? No la, it's actually Cheese Rolls

Mashawi (Kebab look-alike)But it's Mixed Grill of Lamb & Chicken only

Makanek- Beef Sausages

Hommos with Meat & Pinenut (Dip for bread)

Khobz- Basket of Bread

**For the salad platter, pick & choose which vegetable or fruit u like, cut & eat it! Long ago, both hubby & I were shocked when we were served with one whole lemon & we wondered how to eat that by itself even if it's sliced up?! Well, another experience for us! :)

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