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Monday, August 28, 2006

1st Attempt On Hainanese Kaya

Everyone put ur hands 2gather & clap for Gracio! haha, ermz, yes, I 'so called' succeeded in making Lucy's Hainanese Kaya.

Why 'so called', it's because I realised that mine is not that smooth, BUT nevertheless, it tastes & it's kaya! I have been wanting to eat this for a long long time, happen to see Lucy's recipe on her blog & decided to try.

After pouring in the coconut milk, I realised I 4got to sieve it. I used coconut milk powder instead of fresh coconut as I couldn't get them at the supermarket I frequent, hence making my kaya not smooth enough. Well, practice makes perfect, I'm gonna try it till it's smooth enough. :)

Thanks Lucy, for ur guidance. Here's her recipe if u wanna try... :)

And also, thanks to Jo, who gave me tips on kaya making too! ;)