Gräciõ's LäveñderBliss Café: 炸醬麵 (Zha Jiang Mian) & A Wonderful Bowl Of Dessert

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

炸醬麵 (Zha Jiang Mian) & A Wonderful Bowl Of Dessert

Tonight was noodles night. Tired of eating rice for now... Hubby & I love 炸醬麵 (Zha Jiang Mian a.k.a Char Cheong Meen). We'll always eat this whenever we visit an authentic chinese restaurant. But I must say that so far, we've never really tasted one good bowl of it. All of them we tried were quite disappointing. Hence, I am always doubtful & fearful to order this, for the fear of having no satisfaction eating something which I'm gonna pay at a high price.

Saw this recipe at KC posted by a member, so was keen to try out. Originally, the recipe calls for raw vegetables, but both of us don't really like raw veges, therefore, I modified the way of cooking & seasonings too.

It was good, thumbs up! Now I need not order at a chinese restaurant whereby I'm not confident how it will turn out, rather, I could cook it at home myself. I'm glad & overjoyed! :)

Was feeling dizzy the whole day, think my blood pressure is super low, and due to our woman's monthly thingy, I realised I've lost quite abit of weight too. Sigh, have been feeling as if the whole world is spinning all day today. :(

For supper, I made Sterculia Seeds with Dried Longan & Red Dates Tong Shui for both myself & hubby to nourish our bodies for health's sake. :)