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Saturday, August 04, 2007

A Delicious Meal for Two

Okay, eversince I started working, I've had much more friends in Dubai now. Haha! (yea, of course lah)... They're a mixture of Indians, Filipinos, Japanese, Russian, German, Jordanian and yours truly- The Singaporean.

Since the indian community is the largest in Dubai, many of my colleagues are of this nationality. But I must say that I enjoy working with them more than I enjoyed working in singapore among singaporeans. Hehe... and everyday, they never fail to teach me Hindi, Konkani, Tamil, Malayalam and all sorts of languages they have. But not all can be registered through my brain cells. Too much tounge-twisting. hehe... and I even learnt how to cook some of their dishes.

Stir Fry Onions- The Indian Way

What you need:

2tsp turmeric powder
2tsp dark soy sauce
a pinch of chilli powder, salt & sugar
1 large red onion, sliced
some water
some mustard seeds

Way to go:
1) Heat some oil in the pan.
2) When hot, pour in the mustard seeds and saute till fragrant.
3) Pour in sliced onions, saute till translucent.
4) Add in turmeric powder, dark soy sauce and chilli powder.
5) Add in some water and let it simmer till onions are soft.

I love this dish, it's simple, easy, and not much preparation time needed. This is a dish which is especially convenient for people who are working and at the same time, being a chef-at-home after office hours. :)

Easy Tuna Salad

What you need:

1can of tuna (Marinade with a pinch of Herb Salt Seasonings)
1 large red onion, diced
1pc fresh red chilli, diced
2stalks spring onion
a pinch of pepper and sea-salt
3tbsp datu puti vinegar

Way to go:
1) Pour tuna out from the can into a bowl and mash them with a fork. Set aside.
2) Heat some oil in the pan.
3) When hot, pour in the onions and saute them till fragrant.
4) Add in spring onions, red chilli to stir fry them together for 1min.
5) When done, pour them over the mashed tuna, tossed them well and pour in vinegar.

Ps: I love this dish with the tint of sourness, you can add more vinegar if you want.

I also learnt many dishes from my fellow fillipinas. They taught me the easy words like "Thank You, How are you" so on and so forth. But they are easier for me to register 'cuz they sound more like Malay. :P

I love the way fillipinas cook their dishes, very similar to chinese, and this is one of it. They called it "Pork Steak". A tint of sourness, saltiness and it's very tasty. However, I turned it into a "Pork Chop" dish and tweak the recipe alittl. Try it. I hope you like it. :)

What you need:
4pcs of pork loin
1large red onion
3tsp datu puti vinegar
10ml of water

Marinade for pork: (1hour)
2tbsp dark soy sauce
1tsp light soy sauce
a pinch of sugar, sea-salt & ground black pepper
1tsp of olive oil

Way to go:
1) Heat oil in wok. When hot, throw in the onions and saute till fragrant.
2) Add in the marinated pork loins and pan fry till alittle crispy on the outside.
3) When crisp, add in vinegar and water. Simmer till pork is soft and cooked. (This step is neccessary as the pork will soak up all the gravy)
4) After this, dish out, transfer to a pan and pan-fry it till it's crispy and dry. Serve hot with rice.

PS: If any gravy is leftover (from step 3), set it aside and serve as a dipping sauce.