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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Creations Called My Own

As U can guess from the title. Yes!, my own creations again.

I took out the chicken pieces from my fridge, and couldn't figure out what to do with it. These days, I seem to have lost touch of cooking even tho' I've been busy in my kitchen. Actually didn't want to deep fry things today, but what the hack, just do it, Grace! :P

Went searching, clearing my cupboard & realised that some powders have been left there untouched for quite some time. So decided to mix everything together, to form a dish, a yummy dish infact. Never thought that it would turn out really good.

Haven't been eating this for awhile. Bought a firm tofu last week, and decided to come out with new ways to cook it instead of the normal frying or boiling with soup.

Am happy that these 2 new creations of mine turned out pretty well, hubby gave full marks with a smiling face! :)

Here are my recipes, do try them and let me know how u feel.

Deep Fried Crispy Chicken

Stuffs U Need:
5pcs chicken breasts
50g plain flour
25g cornflour
3tbsp turmeric powder

2tbsp meat curry powder
a pinch of salt & ground black pepper
1 egg, beaten
2tbsp sesame seeds
enough oil for deep frying

1) Sieve plain flour, cornflour, turmeric & curry powder, then add in salt, pepper & sesame seeds. Stir till everything is blended well.
2) Coat chicken with beaten egg, then with the seasoned flours.
3) Heat oil in pan, when hot, add in coated chicken pieces & deep fry till golden brown.

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Tofu with Sizzling Minced Pork

Stuffs U Need:
1pkt firm tofu
300gm minced pork
1 shallot, sliced
2cloves garlic, minced

Marinade for Pork (1hr):
1tsp soy sauce
a pinch of sugar, pepper
1tsp dark soya sauce
1tsp chinese 5 spice powder
1tsp sesame oil

Gravy Seasonings:
1tbsp oyster sauce

1 pinch of sugar

Cornflour Mixture:
2tsp cornflour, 1tsp water


1) Heat oil in wok, saute garlic & shallots till fragrant.
2) Add in pork, fry & break them up into pieces.
3) Add in gravy seasonings, thicken with corn flour mixture.
4) Pour over blanched tofu & serve hot.

For Tofu:
1) Boil a pot of water, enough to cover tofu.
2) When boiling, blanch tofu in the water for 5mins.
3) Dish out, set aside on plate.

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After much washing & cleaning, now I shall rest for the day. :)