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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Gracio's Cooling Cheng Teng

Almost all desserts stall in SG has this tong shui, in cantonese. In English, it means sweet soup. As u know, I'm a sweet toothe person already, that's why I was tempted to make this sweet delight after I found Pang Da Hai (Pong Dai Hai in Hokkien). In Hong Kong, u can find lots of tong shui stalls along the streets too. Aww.. I'm missing HK liao.. I wanna go... hehe... :P

100g dried longan meat
50g sago beads
20g of pang da hai (sterculia seeds)- Soak in water till expanded. Discard skin & use soft pulp. 10pieces red dates
10pieces white fungus-Soak in water to soften
200g rock sugar
1.3litres of water

1) Boil sago beads in a pot till its transparent. Remove from boiling water and put them in room temperature water to avoid sticking together.
2) In another pot, fill up the 1.3litres of water and throw in dried longan meat, pang da hai, red dates, white fungus. Bring it to a boil.
3) Add rock sugar and boil till sugar is dissolved.
4) Serve either hot or cold. Remember to add the sago beads when serving.

*The reason why I 1st par boil the sago beads is so as to avoid the cheng teng to be sticky.
** Ingredients are adjustable according to your taste.