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Saturday, November 04, 2006

I'm Missing It!

Here I am busy with my chinese dishes again. I miss being busy cooking in my kitchen on weeknights. Gracio's tired of eating out for the evenings during the weekdays. Too much outside food makes Gracio a dull girl. Haha! :P

Yummylicious foods served on the dining table tonight are....

Old Cucumber Soup. Haven't had the chance to boil soup for a long time eversince I started work. Since hubby prefers his foods to be easily consumed, I peeled away the skin of the old cucumber, added some dried squids for flavouring too. Really soothing to our throats, cooling to our bodies. :)

Fresh Tau Kwa were available for us today in the supermarket. I deep fried them 1st then add in minced pork to the dish. This idea came from one of the food blog I frequent. Thanks Ching for the inspiration. :)

Here's my Chilli Bean Sauce Minced Pork with Tau Kwa...

1pc tau kwa, (deep fry in hot oil, remove & drain, slice thinly & set aside)
300gm minced pork
3tsp chilli bean sauce
1tsp dark soy sauce
2tsp oyster sauce
1tsp chinese hua tiao wine
a pinch of sugar

Marinade for Pork:
1tbsp soy sauce

1/2tsp pepper
a pinch of sugar
1tbsp sesame oil
1tbsp chinese 5-spice powder

Way to Go:
1) Add oil in wok, when hot, pour in pork and fry till almost done.

2) Add in rest of the seasonings, stir till well combined with pork.
3) Pour in previously deep fried tau kwa & mix well. Serve hot with cooked rice.