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Friday, July 28, 2006

Birthday Treats Come Earlier This Year

Dubai's hit by sandstorm today. Everywhere we went was blur & driving was alittle tough. Thank God it's friday, our weekend here, not as many cars on the streets as compared 2 the usual weekdays. Phew!

Hubby was extremely nice to me, not that he's bad to me on other days lah... We went for breakfast @ Caribou Café followed by a great movie "Pirates of The Carribean", then a sumptous Korean lunch @ Shogun.

Tho' not as exciting, but glad that efforts are made to make sure at least I've had happy birthday treats.

Mmm, I must say that I'm not a high maintenance person, a small treat or a little card does makes me delighted, no need to eat at a luxurious place or spend so much just to make me feel on cloud 9. I'm blessed with a good husband, in a blissful marriage, surrounded by great family members & friends around me. Contented & pleased with what I have, that's all I can say. =)

Sharing with u what we had for today... ;)

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Early in the morning @ 10.30am...


Hubby's Almond Croissant with Medium Cappucino

Mine was a Cheese Croissant with Small Latte

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Late in the afternoon @ 2pm...


Korean Sides/Appetizers

Beef Bibimbap

Kimchi Stew

A napkin prepared 4 u, just in case u drool! hehe... :P

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