Gräciõ's LäveñderBliss Café: Sinful Dinner with My Cup Of Tea

Friday, October 06, 2006

Sinful Dinner with My Cup Of Tea

According to Wikipedia, Bolognese sauce is a meat based sauce for pasta originating in Bologna, Italy. Bolognese sauce is sometimes taken to be a tomato sauce but authentic recipes have only a very small amount of tomato, perhaps a couple of tablespoons of tomato paste.

If u ever see me eating pasta, it will definitely be with this sauce. Hubby loves the creamy ones, and so does my best friend's little gal, Chanelle.

Tonight, we had Fusilli Bolognese for dinner, accompanied with Fried Haloumi (حلوم)Cheese Slices. Yummy! But what a pity, hubby ain't a cheese fan and so, yours truly had the privillege to eat them all. :P

After such oily & sinful dinner, I decided to have my cup of tea. Never would I thought I could find this in Dubai. I've been missing it eversince Eve introduced this wonderful tea to me many years ago. It's actually Green Tea with Brown Rice. The roasted brown rice fragrance smells really good. Eve, U miss this? This is for u! *wink*