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Sunday, July 23, 2006

What I Cooked & Failed

Yesterday was a day of lazing at home again as friday we went out for almost half a day. Sadly to say, my left eye was down with bad infection due to contact lenses. Boy, for 2 days everything that I see was tiny. Now, I'm glad the eye is better yet I don't think I will be wearing lenses these few days, gotta preserve my eye in good condition as my birthday is approaching next week!! Yay!! Time to eat korean food at Shogun!! Im so glad! =) But oh well, can't spend too much as the following day is our wedding anniversary. 2 celebrations in a straight 2 days, ain't that exciting? Im really looking forward to it. =)

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Oke, back to yesterday. Whipped up quite afew dishes for dinner. One of them was "Chawanmushi". I made them afew months ago and sort of failed 'cuz it rises up so high n it wasn't silky. Made them again yesterday & sadly to say I failed!! Maybe becuz I'm too proud to take disappointments that's why me felt sad for a few moments. The main problem that I realised was I didn't add chicken stock or water in it & that causes the whole steamed egg to be hard as a rock. Hubby was laughing when he ate that. :(

The egg looked quite alright at 1st, I was jumping with joy, then it went rises so high n became hard when I tasted it. Damn! was I mad & sad! =( Nevertheless, I'm gonna try it again, practice makes perfect.

Crabmeat Chawanmushi

Sambal Kangkung is something that I always love to eat at "zi char" stall. This goes very well with sambal sotong & stingray.

KangKung Sambal

Jo, a dear friend of mine, gave me a part of the rice wine she made b4 I left for Dubai. Boy, were they GOOD! Thanks Jo! And I use them to steam with chicken & scallions. Hubby & I enjoyed eating this dish, esp me, I just love the wine smell & taste.

Steam Chicken In Rice Wine & Scallions