Gräciõ's LäveñderBliss Café: Black Fungus(Hei Mu Er) with Chicken slices

Friday, May 19, 2006

Black Fungus(Hei Mu Er) with Chicken slices

I think you all have been seeing alot of chicken recipes. Here, fishes are not always fresh, beef are expensive & so is pork. I don't take mutton and hence, chicken is always part of our meals. Everytime, I'm trying to make all the chicken dish that I cook to be creative n delicious, so that we would not have the feeling of "CHICKEN AGAIN!!??" kind of thoughts. :p
2pcs chicken thighs (remove skin)
3pcs black fungus(hei mu er)

1 red onion
1tsp ginger slices
4tbsp "Chinkiang" brand black vinegar
1tsp sugar

1tsp soy sauce
1tsp oyster sauce
2tsp cornstarch mixed with 1tsp water

20ml water


1. Slice red onions into thin strips.
2. Soak black fungus in water for 20mins or until soft. Remove "stem" & cut into smaller pieces.
3. Mix chicken with oyster sauce, soy sauce & sugar in a bowl.
4. Heat 1tbsp extra virgin olive oil in pot stir fry ginger slices and onions till fragrant.

5. Add in chicken and fry till cooked.
6. When ready, add in water & let it boil till water level lowers down.
7. Pour in black vinegar, mix well and lastly, add in cornstarch to thicken the mixture.