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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Jakarta Trip 25-29 June 06

Everytime I tour Jakarta (JKT), I would feel like a millionaire in that land. Why? 'cuz the currency is huge! haha! :P Every trip is to visit my best-test friend, Evelyn, her husband, whom I always call "Ah Pek Jackson", and 2 little beautiful daughters, Chanelle & Celine. This trip was the most fruitful as my dearest husband went along with me, together with the most important thing for going overseas-- CAMERA! Each time to JKT, I didn't manage 2 bring a camera along with me as we only have 1 to share. Hubby always took it as he needs it more than me. I took quite a bit of photos with Evelyn & of course, FOOD!

We visited Sentul, Bandung & Lembang. Beautiful places.

I love Sentul, a town far far away from the polluted capital, quiet & peaceful. We proceeded to Bandung & Lembang on the 2nd day. Lembang- we went to Jackson's vegetable farm. Lettuce, califlower, broccoli, carrots, spring onions & many more veges that I can't remember. Didn't take all the photos tho' as some veges like carrots are all buried underground. Wanted to shop in Bandung, but after visiting the farm, we went to eat dinner & it was late already. Off we went back to Jkt again...

Eating out in Jkt is definitely cheaper than Dubai. Both of them brought us to eat all the food that I was craving eversince I visited them last year. Hubby enjoyed the trip too especially with their 2 lovely daughters who never fails to bring laughter and joy to him.

Thank you Evie & Jackson, for making our stay in Indonesia a funfilled & memorable trip. May our long distance friendship be brought to a higher level of closeness. Love you both very much! Muakz! *Wink*

Off to Lembang Farm...

Huge lettuce, isn't it?

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Yummylicious food, here we come!

Caramel Pudding Topped with Fresh Creme

Deep Fried Jackfruit Topped with Icing Sugar

Prawn Fritters

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Pisang Goreng, Sliced & Shaped Flat

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Otak Otak Indonesia

Guess, Guess, Guess! What's this?

Deep Fried Cow Lungs Soup with Fried Belinjou

Teh Botol. Tea with Smelly Fragrance.Weird yet U'll Keep Asking 4 More!

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Indonesia Fruit Rojak

Fried Chicken Wings, Crispy On d Outside, Juicy On d Inside

Cow Bone Marrow Soup

Lontong Indonesia, Looks normal, but super tasty

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Mie Keriting aka Ayam Mie Jamur. My Favourite!

Menu for Ayam Bakar... Look at the price! Dun u feel rich? :P

Ayam Bakar aka Special Grilled Chicken Served with Rice, Unique Sambal & Mint Leaves. Sedap!!

Im on cloud 9 just by posting these pics! :)

PS: As u can see, this whole post is only in purple & pink, cuz Evie loves pink and me, purple.

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