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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Just A Note...

Heyo everyone!

Pardon me for the lack of posts in this humble blog of mine. Have been real busy for the past week and both my husband and I haven't been sleeping for 2-3 days due to a giant exhibition (both our companies participated in this exhibition) here in Dubai. Hence, I didn't get a chance to cook or bake during last weekends. Weekdays were tiring enough that made me just concuss on the sofa once I'm back home.

I hope to make some good food and bakes this weekend as this exhibition would be over by today.

I'll be back! *wink*

PS: Thank you to YOU who wrote to me asking me how I am, I felt loved by you all. Thanks for being such a constant supporter of my blog too! Here's a BIG BEAR HUGZ to YOU! :)