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Friday, August 25, 2006

Simply Dinner

My dinner was neither fried noodles nor a soupy one. Since I bought cabbage yesterday, so I thought, why not make Stir Fry Cabbage with Minced Pork & Dried Shrimps? It's been awhile since I ate my favourite dried shrimps. The feeling of eating something which I have not taken for a long time feels so shiok. hehe... Anyone feels the same way too? :P

Normally when hubby is on business trips, I wouldn't have the prompting to stir fry stuffs or even cook porridge. The most I would do is snacking 24hours a day. This time, don't know what came over me, hands started to itch, wanting to cook. It's just something that never happens b4. Probably my body is telling my brain to make something nutritious to gain some weight. Now, I'm back to 37kg. On the verge of being blown away by the wind someday. :P

Hopefully time will pass faster. I've got enough time on my own with my bunny. Gaby's missing the Big Guy's (hubby) hands to sayang him. My small hands just doesn't seem to be able to compete with his jaddy's hands. haha! :P

Another day just ended in a twink of an eye. I'm now counting down to Wed. :)