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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Taste of Home

Bak Kut Teh a.k.a 肉 骨 茶! Who doesn't love this? This is 1 thing that has been always on my mind eversince I came here. Thank God, I brought along spices with me to make this.

Yesterday was 'Market Day' at spinneys. During this day which occurs on every mondays, a whole lot of really fresh foods & fruits would be imported in to the supermarket. I would say, more fresh than the rest of the days. And guess what, I hop in to the 'Pork Section for Non-muslims only' to look at their pork ribs. They look really fresh & fleshy with not-so-many fats around. Happily, I chose one packet & brought it to the butcher to slice them up for me.

Tonight was THE night for me to make BKT. And normally I wouldn't eat the meat as they were either too fatty or not fresh, but just for me to boil soup with it. Just now, I walloped up all the flesh & left the bones only in my bowl. I simply love the dipping sauce which is a mixture of dark soya sauce with fresh chilli slices. The soup should be peppery & make me perspire. This is what I call a fabulous Bak Kut Teh. A cup of chinese tea after that would be just perfect.


Here's my Stir Fry Fish with Ginger Slices & Spring Onions. I love this to bits too, usually would order this when I visit 'Zi Char' stall.

Afraid that hubby might not have enough to 'da bao' for tomorrow lunch, I made this Ku Chye with Chicken Slices since I still have had lots of chives left after making my gyoza.

Wonderful meal tonight. Indeed a taste of home, which I miss most. :)