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Thursday, November 30, 2006

November Conclusion

Canned Stew Pork with Leeks

Minced Chicken with Preserved Cai Xin in Chilli Bean Sauce

Stew Minced Pork with Potatoes

To conclude, these are what I've whipped up in my kitchen during the weekdays of November. Not much, but at least some home-cooked meals for us both. Tired of eating out and spending money so often on food that we've been eating over and over again. :(

Things are great at work, just that it takes time away from me from being in my favourite place-- Kitchen. :( I miss staying at home too, missing those blissful life, not that now it's not blissful, but more responsibilites and commitment.

Staying at home, with no kids, having just a little pet and a husband to take care of, makes life easier and less complicated. Well, humans are just weird. When we stay at home, we miss working life. We're never contented and always in dilemma. :P

I dislike Saturdays, cuz Sunday is the start of the week, having to wake up as early as 545am, reaching home at 630pm. I dread the waking up, it's simply so difficult to pull myself out of our cosy bed, but once I managed to get out of it, everything seems to be easier. :)

Tomorrow's another week ahead. Time flies, I wish I have the power to stop time and make the day pass slower and also, for me to enjoy weekend more. :P

Just a note here: To Evie, Jo, Angie, Edith, Joewelle, Adrian, Fen, Sam, Pong and all my beloved friends:
I miss you all very much! C u all soon ya? :) U know what I mean. *wink*

I hope things are very well with u, I'm excited for you as u'll be shifting house soon, and I wanna say that I love you, and I miss both u and the kids very much! I wish I've wings to fly to Indo to meet u. Let's hope during CNY, miracles will happen ya? *Hugz*