Gräciõ's LäveñderBliss Café: Healthy Day

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Healthy Day

Hubby always say pork porridge is my famous dish. Haha! Im so happy. :) But yesterday, instead of making pork porridge, I made Bubur Ayam a.k.a Chicken Porridge. Hubby's throat wasn't well, hence we stayed home the whole day, watching dvds.

Both of us are overdosed by CSIs' series. There's such a craze over here these days. There'll be more than 2 CSI series here sometimes, then there are times that there ain't any good shows/series to watch. Dhuz... Think the programmer of the TV station gotta wake up man! Usually, sundays programmes are typically lousy. Wonder why...

Ok, back to food, I had a bunch of broccoli florets & prawns left in the fridge, decided to make Blanched Broccoli with Prawns topped with Garlic Crisps. :) Good & healthy. Great!


1 bunch broccoli florets
3pcs prawns, devein, deshell & halved
some garlic crisps

a dash of sesame oil & mushroom soy sauce

1) Bring some water & a pinch of salt to boil in pot, when boiling, add in broccoli florets, blanch for about 7 mins. When done, dish out, place on plate.
2) In another pot with boiled water, blanch prawns until turned red/pink. Arrange on top the florets.
3) After arranging, pour in seasonings & sprinkle garlic crisps. Bon Appetit! :)