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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Back To Normal

After living close to 2 years in Dubai, I realised I've NEVER bought Tau Kwa before. NEVER thought that I would ever buy this as I don't enjoy eating it. As I was flipping thru' my collection of recipes this afternoon, the sudden urge to eat Tau Kwa came floating. Since I had more than half a bottle of Kecap Manis left over, I thought why not try something new?

So here I am, with Braised Tau Kwa Kecap Manis. Now I start to realise there's so much use for this sauce. I'm starting to feel the 'exploring cooking spirit' in me, or rather I should say, 'back to my normal self' again. :P

Here's our greens tonight, Spinach in Oyster Sauce. Anyone out there have other ways of cooking this vege? I realise they have a weird kind of taste, any idea how to get rid of it?

Ohhh, this is delish! Evie & Jackson, thank u for the sambal that ur maid made for me. It definitely works wonders. I shall try it with fried fish the next time round. :)

Here's my Stir Fry Minced Pork In Sambal. These dearest friends of mine were kind enough to ask their maid to make sambal for me when we were in Indo visiting them in June. Really yummy! My precious sambal, gotta ration!

Sigh, living overseas is all about rationing, especially those things that u brought from back home to the country that u're living in, don't u all agree? :)