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Thursday, September 14, 2006

My 1st Encounter With Baking

Hoho! Made Lucy's Butter Cake tonight. Was in the mood for learning baking as hubby wouldn't be home for dinner. So I'm left with either being a couch potato for the whole day or keep myself busy despite I'm sick. So I chose the 2nd option.

Procrastinate in wanting to bake this butter cake for a long time. Firstly because I'm afraid of oven, was thinking it would explode or what so ever as I've never used oven in my entire life. 2ndly, I hate the word 'Failure' cuz after spending so much and fail, the feeling ain't good.

Today, I finally touched the oven, afterall, the experience was good! Oven does wonders I suddenly realise! Now, hubby and I can make our own pizza as that was what he wanted to do everytime! I'm so happy that my oven didn't explode or cause me trouble. haha..
Actually, I encounter quite a number of hiccups in making this cake. Thank God my pal Jo is online. haha! Online teaching neh! Then one hand on mixer, the other on laptop, typing questions.

1st hiccup: Beat the butter already! Happily, I wiped away the butter on the beater & started beating the egg whites. And so, I did that. Beat it for more than 15mins and wondering why in the world the egg whites are still watery? Asked my "teacher" (was in the super "gan jeong" mode liao), then realise should've washed the beaters, wiped dry then beat the whites. So cleared the entire bowl, and did it. Oke, after this, worse, realised I 4got to add in milk to the butter!! Haiyo! What a big sotong I am lei! Gotta mix in the milk & rebeat the butter, wash everything again and beat the egg whites. *Sobsob*

2nd hiccup: I thought after the above, everything was well. And so it seems. Then, after the egg white reaches its soft peaks, I happily fold in to the butter cream. It was during this time, that I turned my head to the left and saw what was beside the stove! IT WAS THE FLOUR, the most important thing in all the cakes and bakes!! HAIYO!! Decided to give it a shot instead of just giving up, smart me, after folding in egg white, I folded in the flour & baking powder together. AIYO! Then in the cake goes to the oven. This was THE moment that I kept my fingers cross that the cake would turn out well.

3rd hiccup: Cake done, left on wire rack to cool. Went to cut it. Realised that it's warm, no wonder when I cut, it breaks easily la! (*banging head*)

The long awaited moment has arrived. Should have baked it longer, could've avoided the dense texture inside. My 1st baking encounter turns out not too bad despite so many hiccups! And my whole house smells of butter frangrance now. Rooms for improvement, Grace, Gambate Ne! Practice makes perfect, more to come! Im hooked on baking already! :P

Thanks Lucy, for ur recipe!

Thanks Jo for helping me! :)

Butter Cake

Bottom view (Smooth ya?)

Inner part of the cake