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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Gracio's Dinner Today!

Okie, before I start blogging, here's a big "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SINGAPORE!". Hubby & I are missing home already.. I wanted to watch the "live" broadcast of SG National Day Parade, but the stupid Mpeg kept buffering non-stop & in the end, I gave up. Arrgghhh... Tuned to Channelnewsasia and there was nothing but news. Dhuz... How disappointed I was.. :(

Bought bean sprouts yesterday, while peeling off the root part of the sprouts, I realised that I didn't buy enough. Haiyo! But found more ingredients in the fridge, so decided this would be a Minced Pork, Bean Sprouts Stir Fry instead. :)

Was at a lost of what to do with the defroze chicken suddenly. Then God gave me an idea to whip up this delicious chicken dish. So happy that it turned out really good. :)

Gracio's Chicken & Prawns In Belachan with Curry Leaves

afew curry leaves

2pcs chicken breasts, sliced thinly
prawns, devein & de-shell
1pc fresh red chilli, deseeded & sliced

Marinade for Chicken:
a dash of fish sauce
a pinch of sugar, hua tiao wine
1tsp cornflour,
2tsp sesame oil
1tsp chicken marinade by LKK
1tsp garlic, minced finely

Marinade for Prawns:
a dash of hua tiao wine & sugar

Sauce Mixture:
1tsp dark soya sauce
a pinch of sugar
1tbsp water
5tsp belachan

1) Heat oil in wok, add in garlic, fry till fragrant, add in chicken pieces, fry till 70% cooked.
2) Add in sliced red chilli, prawns followed by curry leaves.
3) Add in sambal belachan & stir fry till all is well mixed.
4) Pour in sauce mixture, mix well with other ingredients. Simmer until all is well done. Enjoy!

I really thank God that He gave me talent & passion to cook. :)