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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Quality Time 2gather

I'm pretty happy today. Hubby took off today as he was away for a week plus last week. We had a happy time spent together though we didn't really go out shopping or watch movie as we decided earlier on. Instead, we went to Coffee Bean for lunch, then headed to Gloria Jeans Café to chit chat over a cuppa.

We don't have usually have such a time like this. I mean, guys don't usually talk alot after a hard day's work, whereas women talk more than men no matter how tired we are as studies has shown. So today, hubby opened up quite a few topics & told me about his adventurous business trip. I'm just not that kind of gal who wants hubby to bring me to big malls to shop or hop into a fine dining restaurant to dine just to feel that we've at least did something today during his off day, that kind of feeling.

I prefer to laze at a café, chit chat, knowing what & how he is feeling, thinking, things like these. Next month, hubby's supposed to leave for business trip to Iran, but he gave up the opportunity to go cuz it's gonna be a pretty long trip, partially also because of me, he's afraid that I would be bored in Dubai alone. Isn't that sweet? I think so! :)

Since we had lunch outside, and I've a packet of bee hoon (Rice Vermicelli) sitting in my cupboard for awhile, decided to fry it with minced pork just like how 炸醬麵's pork is cooked. Added some eggs & cabbage as sides to go with. Nice! Glad that we saved another Sg$30 tonight.