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Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Contented Birthday Gal

Hua Diao Wine, Liang Fen (We call it "Chin Chow"), Wang Wang Xue Bing (Snow Biscuits), Black Sesame Paste, Shanghai Nian Gao (We call it "Fujian Rice Cake"), Cai Xin, Pong Dai Hai (Sterculia Seeds), SzeChuan Vegetables, Chan Pui Mui (Preserved Orange Peel) & Dan Huang Bing (Egg Cake)

Finally, Karen & I went to China Shoe City. So excited when we made appointment to go there together, it has been a super duper long time eversince I went there. Even 4got the route there, until today, when Karen drove, I realised that waaa, so near my home lei. haha! Yay! So u must have guessed how joyful I was when we reached. *wink*

China Shoe City is a place whereby the chinese from China sells all the imported stuffs to wholesale here. They, of course sell shoes, vegetables, titbits, bags etc... 40% of the chinese foodstuffs we use in SG can be found here too. I'm so glad that Dubai gave them a chance to import and set up wholesale market here. =)

Most of the foodies I buy are in 2s or 3s, so took them out as not to duplicate them... ;)

After that, we went to Brands for Less, a wonderful place that sells crockeries, kitchenwares, cutleries, clothes(more of this), at a more reasonable price. Many flock there whenever the new stocks arrive at noon & 7pm. I bought a white satin tablecloth, a set of 4 placemats & a set of 2 grog glasses that comes with 2 stirring sticks. Im so contented today!!!! Didn't get to shop so happily for a period of time, after getting married I felt me love to shop more for homewares & groceries than clothes! Anyone feel that way too? :P

Strangely, don't know why, but Im not as excited as last year that the next day (30 Jul, according to Dubai's timing) is going to be my birthday. Weird... guess it's gonna be a day that I'm gonna spend alone as hubby's off to work tomorrow. Hopefully he would be able to take leave on Mon to spend our 2nd year wedding anniversary together. :) But I'm glad that the things I bought, he sponsored all of them for me.

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