Gräciõ's LäveñderBliss Café: Currycraze days

Monday, July 24, 2006

Currycraze days

Great! My a year & a half rice cooker died-ded on me just after the rice was cooked. Haiz, think for the next few days, we're going to eat anything except rice. Now I'm looking forward to saving my own pocket $ to get a brand new rice cooker.

Just as I'm typing out my thoughts here, I realised that our meals these few days consists of curries. Not long ago I just did a Thai Chicken Curry, yesterday we had Pepper Chicken Curry, & today Prawn Curry. Haha! How amazing that we have had so many curries dishes within a week or so. ;)

Saw Jo's tangy prawns on her blog & was tempted to whip up that. Just as I thought, it was excellent! Hubby & I ate it with coconut rice & the remaining gravy was used as a dipping sauce for our "baton" bread.

Tangy Prawns In Red River Curry

Served with Coconut Rice & "Baton" Bread

Since we had quite an unhealthy main course, I decided to make Vege Pot with Minced Meat & Egg to balance the whole meal. Haha! :P

I tried making Gattina's "Balloon" Chocolate Cups, passed at the 1st stage but failed when transferring them to my fridge to chill, everything collapsed. *Sobsob* And to make things worse, I've got a small fridge. :(
So as not to waste the chocolate, I still made a
Peach with Choco Flakes dessert instead of a "Balloon" cup. Im pleased with myself. hehe...