Gräciõ's LäveñderBliss Café: Breaking News: Gracio's 1st Step Into Baking!!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Breaking News: Gracio's 1st Step Into Baking!!

Hohoho! Guessed what I bought today?! Those of u who know me, knows that I have no interest in baking at all. The thought of dealing with flour, just puts me off!! The last few times I tried to bake, or rather steam a cake, everything turned disastrous!! And worse, the whole kitchen table & floor was filled with flour. Arrghh, how pissed I felt that time.

My best friend Evelyn, was telling me to learn baking the other day. And I was telling her, no way am I going to start learning as I have had bad experiences last time. So she went, "okok, don't learn then."

Mmm, so after reading the above, u would wonder why I still buy this mixer ya? Reason's very simple, hubby's going away this coming tues for a week for business trip, leaving my little bunny and I at home. And this trip, he would be away during the weekend as well, that leaves me bored at home, no need to whip up nice meals, so on and so forth, and I can say that I'll be the "free-est" person in the whole wide world. Sigh...

After thinking for afew days, I decided to get this hand mixer. Learn to steam a cake or bake one just to occupy time. 24 hours a day for that week's gonna be too long for me, while I know the rest of u seems to think that time's too short. haha! :P

Oke, now I shall begin my adventure of baking & beating eggs this coming week. I must admit I'm feeling alittle fearful, expecting to fail all the time & no confidence at all. Well, at least I'm prepared to buy tons of eggs & flour.

Hopefully, my journey in baking will take off well after much practice, I know there's a whole lot of u who are good bakers are always there for me ya? Hehe... :)

Alrighty, this is my new "toy". Let's hope my 3 minute enthusiasm in baking will last. Wish me all the best ya?! :)