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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Good Ending Today!

I hate deep frying, but Zu's Tofu Balls tempted me.

I added red fermented beancurd, sliced red chilli (these 2 tips were given by one of the bloggers who left a comment in her post) & breadcrumbs to coat. I usually don't like red fermented beancurd, the smell of it turns me off. But curiosity arose in me and also, the little bottle has been sitting in the fridge. It was really worth the try & effort, the whole thing was marvellous. We ate this with plum sauce as a dip. The whole texture is exactly crispy on the outside, soft in the inside. Hubby loves tofu and am glad he likes this. Another keeper recipe in my book. :) Thank U Zu! :)

**"Doo Boo' means 'Tofu' in Korean.

Doo Boo Balls with Breadcrumbs

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Heh heh! Was thinking of ways to cook chicken today. My brain ain't working well today, abit slow also. *Sobsob* Went to browse thru' Edith's blog, saw her Lemongrass Chicken!! Cuz I just bought lemongrass & didn't know what to do with it. *Staring at the blank walls today, sigh, brain just froze... U can imagine how excited I was. I added some dark soy sauce and fresh red chilli to enhance the colour of the dish. Thanks Edith! It was great! Definitely another keeper recipe! :)

Lemongrass Chicken

At the end of the day, I was glad that everything turned out well today. Phew! I wasn't in the mood to cook (while preparing the ingredients, I was thinking I would fail in cooking today as confidence just vanish somehow), brain wasn't working well, and to make things worse, something happened in the afternoon.

I was waiting for my turn to pay the internet bills at the shopping mall. I was there queueing up for more than 15 mins. And this idiotic guy came out of nowhere and cut my queue. That's not all! The most frustrating part was he argued with me that he came 1st, dhuz... was he blind???! In the end, I "debated" loudly with him & he kept quiet. Arrghh! Moral of the story, don't see a small size lady & think she's easily bullied. She can be a chilli padi at times! :P