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Monday, October 23, 2006

All The Way From HOME!!!

YES! Finally they arrived in Dubai! I wanna thank Jo, my dear friend, who went around the whole Singapore to get all these stuffs for me, lugging these heavy things to meet up with him!!!! Enjoy ur trip ya? :)

The next person would be my dear cousin, David!!!! Thanks brother, for being so kind to me, if not for u, these heavy things wouldn't have flown from SG to Dubai!! *wink*

Okay, it's really heart warming to receive things from Home. I miss all these stuffs!! Even sardines!! haha!

Simple meals in time to come, so these really helps!

Canned Foods: Sardine, Stew Pork & Peanuts!!!!

And let me tell u that this dear friend of mine, Jo, does not grumbles whenever I need her help to buy things for me. She has been really kind to help me again & again. I'm really blessed to have her as my friend. She knows me very well too, and thanks for tolerating at times ya? :) *hugz*

My Fancy Gems Biscuits, Terigu (White Wheat Beans). I miss bubur terigu so much!

Sour Prunes (To make into Sour Prunes Drink)

Magazines!! My beloveds!

Last but not least for my new found passion. A Chiffon Tin. Yay! Now I can make chiffon cakes which are my favourites! Hope I can do it well, then I wouldn't miss bengawan solo so often.

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