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Monday, October 16, 2006

Korean Shopping Spree

After much hunting in this city for so long, I FINALLY found an authentic Korean Food Stuffs supplier here. Hanarum is the name of the shop. And we're staying near them too! They just shifted to this place called Karama, a place where the rentals are cheaper. But I think the food are alittle expensive in AED(Dubai's currency) form. I spent AED 95 (Sg$ 45 +-) on just these few items.

Korean Fried Soybean Curd

Ready Made Kim Chi & Soy Bean Paste (Dwen Jang)

Brown Rice Vinegar

Korean Round Rice Cake (This cost me AED20; Sg$10)

Korean Seaweed for Snacking Time

Red Chilli Powder (Go Chu Ga Ru)

It's at this place I found a friend. A korean friend. She's a mother of 2, staying far away from me, but yet, willing to teach me korean & korean cooking for free!!!! Can u imagine me screaming with joy???! I'm superly happy today that I made an effort to make a trip down to this korean store, not even knowing where the place exactly is, trying my luck sitting in the cab finding the place, going round n round the area. There are lots and lots of things in the store, can't buy all at once, else will go broke very soon. :P

Infact, I'm feeling alittle down lately. I miss my family & my friends back home. I miss the food, the convenient transportations, kopitiam and all. U name it, I am missing it. And with my grandma being hospitalised, I can't seem to visit/ see her face to face except to call her. That makes me miss her even more. But after this shopping spree, I'm feeling alittle better, let's hope things will get better n better as each day pass by.

And YES! U guys are going to see more korean cooking on my blog soon! I love korean & japanese food! They're awesome! Now, learning korean cooking is my piority! I shall go hunt for recipes!Tata for now!

Ps: Perhaps, some of u might feel this is nothing to be happy about, but to me, this is one joyful moment as it's surprising to be able to find a korean shop that sells these stuffs especially in an Arab world. *wink*