Gräciõ's LäveñderBliss Café: 中秋節快樂! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Friday, October 06, 2006

中秋節快樂! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

... to U, Yes! U! Who is reading this blog post now! :)

I love mooncakes, be it the traditional baked ones or snowskins (冰皮) texture. Most moonies comes with lotus paste fillings, but I would much prefer those with red bean fillings without nuts. Unfortunately, I failed to make them today. Failure because of the flour that I used, how I wished they sell 糕粉 here. Instead I used glutinous rice flour n baked them for 30mins, and the texture came out different. How sad I am, but nevertheless, this failure will not spoil my mood to celebrate mid-autumn festival. :)

Mooncakes are my favourites. My mama used to be super worried for me whenever this festive season arrives. 'Cuz I could eat mooncakes (with 4 yolks) for 3 meals a day, yes just mooncakes. It's really bad for health I know, but only once a year la, so "one eye close", pretend u don't know. Haha, that's what I always tell her so I could eat in peace. :P

Another kind of moonies I like is "Piglet Biscuits" in the basket. These never fails to top my list too. And I even kept the colourful "basket" just to bring back good ol' memories of childhood. :) Don't U love these? :P

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