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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

MEME: 10 Things I Miss About My Mom's Cooking

Sorry Gattina! It's been a month since u tagged me for the meme. Haha... So now I shall continue...

Had a big time thinking about this topic. Since young, my maternal grandmother has always been taking care of me. Be it b4 going to school or after school, she's always the one cooking meals for me. Now that she's 82 years old, she has stopped cooking as she can't stand in the kitchen for too long, it's our turn to cook for her. =)

My mama was a secondary school teacher who was always busy with the teaching stuffs. Hence, she never laid a single hand on cooking eversince she started her career, now she has finally retire from this line after a long race run of 38 years. Only after her retirement then she started learning cooking alittle.

My dad's a teochew, the word "cooking" sounds more familar to him than to my mom. Hence, at times, he would whip up some teochew dishes for us when he's in a good mood.

So this "Meme" will be mostly "What I missed about my grandma's cooking"...
**Curry chicken
**Mee sua with egg (Only during CNY)
**Nonya laksa
**Fried fish
**Rice with cabbage & preserved mushroom cooked in rice cooker
**Coconut rice
**Chicken rice
**Fried yellow noodles (my mum's 1 & only dish)
**Teochew style steam pomfret (my dad's)
**Stir fry black wood ears with roast pork & pineapples (my dad's)

Now I shall pass this baton on to Jo... =)

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