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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

MeMe: 5 Things 2 Eat B4 U Die

Have been tagged by Angie, my friend & blog pal for the above meme.

Mmm, as u scroll down my blog, u can see I hardly prepare western food, cuz I don't really fancy eating them. Strangely, when I think of this 'MeMe', nothing except western sweet stuffs & fast food (except for 1 dish) came to my mind. So here's the list:

A) Plain Cheesecakes! I would love to have one which has an awfully, sinful rich cream cheese filling with a super duper crispy crust base.

B) Banana & Chocolate Crepes with a hot cup of Cafe Au Lait.

C) Mixed Fruit Tartlets. This is simply so indulging for me. I can eat many at one go!

D) Indonesia Bakmi (Mie) Keriting with heavily marinated Jamur. My all time favourite, wonder who's going to bring all the way from Indo to me? haha!

& finally,

E) A Platter of Double Cripsy-ness Onion Rings, dipped with BBQ Sauce plus a Glass of Diet Coke to end off with... :)

Do they sound very sinful? High sugar content hor? heez, that's me! Im a sweet tooth person! :P

Alrighty, now I would like to pass this 'baton' to Ching, Edith & Jo... Catch!