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Friday, July 28, 2006

Went Easy Yesterday

Sometimes canned food does wonders. A girl friend of mine went to China Shoe City last week and got me salted egg & black bean canned fish. I was happy to find out that they do sell this canned fish which I missed so much. When I was in sg, my mom, who doesn't know how to cook, would always make me eat this with porridge over the weekend. Thus, after eating this frequently, I start to love it, but must confess that it's alittle too oily, better to drain away the oil b4 steaming it.

Black Bean Fish

Salted Egg

As I know hubby doesn't like the aboves, I specially fry Ku Chye (Chives) with minced pork & egg for him. It was my 1st time frying this chives, manage to find this at the thai market nearby. So happy that he likes it! I like teochew "ku chye kueh", miss eating that dipping with sweet sauce. Ahhr... think now I can make my own since now I found the main ingredient.

Ku Chye with Minced Pork & Egg in Oyster Sauce

I'm so glad that yesterday dinner turned out pretty good though simple.

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